ECGTN Early Stage Researcher
Consultant, Corporate Governance, Crisci & Partners. Maria-Cristina Ungureanu graduated as an Economist from the University of Iasi, Romania in year 2000. She has a Master’s Degree in International Economics and she is currently completing her Doctor’s Degree specialising in European economic integration, with focus on the banking sector and the stock markets. Maria-Cristina worked for seven years in the corporate communications environment in South Africa and in London. She worked for global leaders in the field: Georgeson Shareholder Communications, Computershare Investor Services and Taylor Rafferty Associates, managing investor communication and investor relations international projects. During this period, she was exposed to various aspects of global corporate governance. Maria-Cristina is currently a Researcher in Corporate Governance at the University of Genova, Italy, as part of the European Corporate Governance Training Network. Maria-Cristina has written and published several papers in the areas of European economic integration and corporate governance.