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Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI), Madrid
(Training Node)

CEMFI is a Graduate School of Economics and Finance that was founded by the Bank of Spain in 1987. It organises a highly reputed two-year Masterís programme that offers training in advanced economic analysis, econometrics and finance for students with good quantitative skills and an orientation to academic and/or professional careers in government, economic consulting, banking and finance. About twenty-five students are enrolled each year after completing a stringent admission process that includes an entry test (or equivalent GRE grade) and a personal interview. All students in the programme must submit a Masterís thesis by the end of their second year. Success in the Master may be followed by full-time work on a PhD dissertation under the supervision of a CEMFI professor. Students coming from other graduate programmes may also be admitted to the doctoral phase.

CEMFIís faculty is composed of eleven professors with strong research profiles. Altogether, they cover the main areas in economics and finance. Two of the professors are Fellows of the Econometric Society, and six are Research Fellows or Affiliates of the CEPR.
Scientist-in-charge: Rafael Repullo
website: Click here

Team members: Guillermo Caruana: Maria Gutierrez: Javier Suarez:
Early Stage Researcher: Michal Kowalik:

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