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Center for Financial Studies (CFS), Frankfurt
(Training Node)

The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) is affiliated with the University of Frankfurt, thus providing a strong link between the financial and academic communities. The Centre’s mission is to promote independent, objective high-level research in financial and monetary economics, to engage in the international debate about the design of financial markets and institutions, and to provide educational opportunities in money and finance. The Center offers a wide range of activities and services to the academic, financial and monetary policy community. It conducts and supports research projects, hosts research fellows, provides networking opportunities, organises international conferences and lecture series, and promotes research dissemination through various publications. Throughout the year CFS has a large number of visiting fellows, drawn primarily from universities, as well as policy and financial institutions, across Europe and the United States.
Training opportunities
Links with the University of Frankfurt and practitioners in the banking and insurance sectors, will be exploited to enrich the training opportunities offered by the Center, which will include:

• The CFS Summer School offers a stimulating environment for young doctoral students to discuss intensively common objectives and concerns on topics presented by an international faculty.

• A profound basic training through the graduate school at Goethe University, Frankfurt

• An interdisciplinary approach benefiting from the offerings of the CFS, including law and finance seminars jointly organised by members of the law and finance departments

• Contacts with practitioners in banking, insurance and central banking with the possibility of internships, data-access and other benefits. The CFS enjoys contacts with more than 120 member firms and sponsors (banks, insurance companies, regulators, policy makers, and the fund industry). It can also resort to the research advisory council, which includes many renowned researchers, and to the other networks at CFS.

• Access to all CFS resources, including a fully equipped research infrastructure (library, access to Datastream, Reuters, Bloomberg, scientific software), as well as to those of Goethe University’s Finance department.

Scientist-in-charge: Jan-Pieter Krahnen
website: Click here

Team members: Theodor Baums: Andreas Cahn: Elena Carletti: Christian Schlag: Reinhard Schmidt: Christian Wilde:
Early Stage Researcher: Günseli Tümer-Alkan:

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