As this project has now been completed, the website will no longer be updated. Consequently some information will become out-of-date

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Center Department of Private, Commercial and International Law, University of Genova
(Training Node)

The Genova team has expertise on the European and comparative law of corporate governance. In addition, it specialises in the European and comparative law of capital markets. The team also does research and teaching on antitrust and business regulation. The Department of Private, Commercial and International Law has a large Italian and comparative law library which includes most of the recent publications in Europe in the relevant field of expertise and most of the European (and American) legal journals in the same area.
Training opportunities
• Participating in an internship programme organised in conjunction with Telecom Italia S.p.A., one of the largest Italian listed companies and the main wireline and (through its subsidiary, Telecom Italia Mobile) mobile telecom operator in Italy;

• interacting with the academic staff of the Faculty on the research projects concerning corporate governance, including a research project on executive remuneration in Europe;

• liaising with the editorial board and editing prior to publication the ECGI Working Paper series in law (of which the scientist in charge of the Genoa node, Prof. Guido Ferrarini, is the editor); similar activities could be done for Rivista delle Società, a leading Italian company law journal (of which G. Ferrarini is co-editor);

• attending seminars, workshops and conferences on corporate governance and capital markets law organised by the Dipartimento di diritto privato, internazionale e commerciale in conjunction with the Centre for Law and Finance, such as the conference on Capital Markets in the Age of the Euro (Genoa, November 2000; the proceedings were published by Kluwer Law International, 2002; for further information see www.cedif.org).

Scientist-in-charge: Guido Ferrarini
website: Click here

Team members: Filippo Chiodini: Paolo Giudici: Eugenia Macchiavello: Andrea Pericu: Gian Giacomo Peruzzo: Michele Siri: Andrea Zanoni:
Early Stage Researcher: Marina Stefou: Maria-Cristina Ungureanu:

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