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Said Business School, University of Oxford
(Training Node)

The Said Business School is Oxford University's newly created business school. It has very successful undergraduate programmes in economics and management, an MBA, an executive MBA and a doctoral degree in finance and management studies. In 2005, the School will be introducing a Masters in Financial Economics jointly with the Economics Department. It therefore has an extensive range of courses in finance from the undergraduate through the masters to the doctoral level.

In addition to the Said Business School there are active programmes in research on finance elsewhere in Oxford. The Economics Department has a large group of researchers working in the field of financial econometrics. The Maths Department has a research centre in Mathematical Finance, and the computing and physics departments jointly run the Oxford Centre for Computational Finance. The activities of the different departments come together under the umbrella of the Oxford Financial Research Centre (www.finance.ox.ac.uk).
Training opportunities
• An elective in corporate finance to postgraduate students on the two-year M Phil degree in Economics.

• A weekly workshop for postgraduate researchers and faculty in finance at which research papers are presented in an informal setting.

• A weekly seminar series in finance with prominent outside speakers.

• Electives on the MBA in corporate governance and takeovers, and in mergers and acquisitions.

In the first two weeks of June, the Business School runs an international symposium in finance to which leading academics in finance from across the world come. Research students are encouraged to attend the workshops, lectures and dinners associated with the symposium.

Prominent public lectures in economics and finance. This year there will be three Clarendon Lectures in Economics given by Professor Joseph Stiglitz, three Clarendon Lectures in Finance by Professor Franklin Allen, the Deutsche Bank Lecture in European Financial Integration by Professor Xavier Freixas and the Nomura Lecture in Mathematical Finance possibly given by Professor William Sharpe. Research students are encouraged to attend all of these lectures.

Scientist-in-charge: Colin Mayer
website: Click here

Team members: Alexander Gümbel: Tim Jenkinson: Alan Morrison: Oren Sussman: Dmitiri Tsomocos: Jos van Bommel:
Early Stage Researcher: Bastian Hinterramskogler: Ruediger Stucke:

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